Enrolment Form
If you wish to register for ACT courses, you can do so by registering for a course online, or by using our blank printable Enrolment Form and submitting it at your convenience.

Register for a Course Online
ACT Enrolment Form
(Just fax or mail back to us!) (blank form in .html printable format)
Need a little help on Enroling for Pubilc Courses with ACT?
Some important details you will need to note.

Other Forms, Useful Tools and Links
We have also put together a whole suit of useful forms, tools and weblinks for your convenience. They are training aids which help facilitate the task of organising and running a successful and productive training programme. We hope that you will find these of use to you and will be of help in your work.

Online Forms 
Join the ACT Mailing Circle
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Printed Forms 
ACT Specific Training Requirement Request Form
(blank form in MS Word .doc format)
Financial Training Scheme (FTS) Application Form
(FSDF form in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format)
Course Trainer/Instructor Application
(Interested in teaching? Join ACT!) (blank form in MS Word .doc format)
Useful Tools 
Participant Registration List
(blank form in MS Excel .xls format)
In-house Training Checklist
(blank checklist in MS Word .doc format)
Weblinks / Contact Information 
The Institute of Banking and Finance (Singapore) (IBF)
Telephone - (65) 6220 8566
Skills Development Fund EasyNet (SDF Secretariat)
Hotline - (65) 6223 0012, IT Helpdesk - (65) 6279 3611
E-mail queries - wda_sdf@wda.gov.sg
Monetary Authority of Singapore (FSDF Secretariat)
Telephone - (65) 6229 9396
E-mail - fsdf@mas.gov.sg
Workforce Development Authority (Singapore) (WDA)
WDA Hotline - (65) 6223 0012 (including SDF & NSC queries)
Professional Engineers Board (Singapore) (PEB-CPD Programme)
Telephone - (65) 6222 9293
E-mail - registrar@peb.gov.sg

*all forms, tools and weblinks are accurate at the time of production and are provided "Without Prejudice". The validity or accuracy of these forms, tools or weblinks are beyond the control of Achieva Training and may be changed without notice. Achieva Training therefore cannot warrant the validity or the accuracy of these forms, tools or weblinks provided. Please check with the relevant issuing parties before using any of the forms, tools or weblinks provided. Achieva Training will not be held liable for the use for the forms, tools or weblinks provided above. Usage is at your own risk and discretion and have been provided only for your convenience


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