Our Training Facilities are always maintained with the comfort and convenience of our participants in mind. They are easily accessible, centrally located within the Central Business District, in the Banking and Finance downtown core and within walking distance to an MRT station.

We also ensure that they are well lit, well ventilated and spacious, kept clean and tidy, and in prime condition complete with full Audio-Visual support facilities. Complimentary tea and coffee are provided, together with tea-breaks with light refreshments and snacks for most of our public courses.

Be it seminar styled public courses, workshop typed training or interactive workgroups, the right training environment for our courses is very important to us. It helps promote conducive lecturer-participant and participant-participant interaction as well as encourages a higher learning retention.

ACT firmly believes in providing an optimal learning experience, consistent with the expectations and professionalism of our participants. This commitment to excellence, our dedicated approach to making our training programmes as effective as possible and our partnership approach to training is what our clients value in us.


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